Vendor Info

Vendor Information

For those who are interested in being vendors at the NSS Convention this year, please realize that there are still some issues as to where vendors will be located.
The NSS Convention staff is still in negotiation with the hosting organizations as to expenses, facilities and vendor security issues.

Once these concerns have been resolved, a vending package will be put together with full information and posted on the Convention website as soon as possible.
The vending package info will have a specific date and time listed as to when vending applications will be accepted on a first come/first served basis (likely March 15, 2017, but be sure to double check that).
This will give all vendors an equal chance to get their requested location.

Vending will include NSS Bookstore, retail sellers of caving gear and associated things, artists and craftspeople, non-profit organizations such as cave conservancies, government organizations, Consignment sales, etc.
Non-profit organizations will likely be located in hallways as opposed to lockable rooms and thus designated where they will be located.

If you have questions about vending in general now, you may reach me at

Peter Jones, Vendor Liaison