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Visiting the Historic Galena King during the 2017 NSS Convention

If you wish to visit the Galena King Mine during the 2017 NSS Convention, you must provide your full name, date of birth, the last four digits of your SSN, plus country of citizenship (and visa number if other than USA) to Scott Christenson ( by May 15, 2017. This information is required to access the mine via Kirtland Air Force Base.

     The Galena King Mine, located southeast of Albuquerque, opened in 1907 and shut down a few decades later. Even after being worked by the original miners for years, followed by several decades of pillage and destruction by trespassing rock collectors, large sections of the 15 million year old faceted fluorite, galena and barite remain (see photos below). In 2015, the non-profit Friends of Galena King completed efforts to secure the entrances, finally protecting the mine’s interior. Working with the Sandia Grotto, new ladders and a bridge have been added inside to help safely explore the mine.

     Four non-technical day trips are being offered during the Convention (Monday June 19 through Thursday, June 22), limited to 12 NSS Convention attendees per trip. Access requires crossing Kirtland Air Force Base, which requires prior approval (see first paragraph). The hike from the current parking area to the lower adit is about ½ mile with approximately 300 feet of elevation gain. The upper adit is a further 125 yards, 175 feet up at a 40% plus grade. Hiking to the lower adit typically takes about 20 minutes. Participants can anticipate seeing about 1,000 feet of passages, mostly walking but one short crawl. Temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the passages are dry. Consider a trip to the Galena King Mine to be an easy caving trip, requiring helmets, lights, boots, gloves, water, and snacks.

     Trips to the Galena King Mine will leave early in the morning (approximately 7:30 AM) and return to the Convention around 6 PM. Transportation will not be provided. Four-wheel drive is not needed but a vehicle with a bit of extra ground clearance is needed to drive the dirt road to the parking area.

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