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Abstracts are due for all sessions on April 1st.
Abstracts are 250 or less words and are a brief summary of your presentation.
If you have any questions please contact the appropriate session chair or Patricia Seiser:

Session Chairs
Digging Section Kathy Peerman
Convention Planning & Debriefing Carol Tiderman
Video Section Dave Socky
Communication & Electronics Brian Pease
Sam Rowe
State Cave Surveys Howard Kalntiz
Cave & Karst Inventory Session Patricia Kambesis
Mike Queen
Lechuguilla Cartographic Session Rod Horrocks
Climbing Contests Miriam Cuddington
Bill Cuddington
Cave Photography Workshop Ken Ingham
NCRC Meeting & Presentation Anmar Mirza
NSS Status Briefing NSS President
Speleophilatelic Section Larry Cohen
Conservation Tuesday Val Hildreth Werker
Geology & Geography Katherine Schmid
Luminary Series Geary Schindel
David Hughes
Rebelay Course Gary Bush
Medical Section Meeting Bill Jackson
Biology Special Session:Jill YagerSarah Keenan
National Speleological Foundation Ted Kayes
Arts & Letters Section Meeting Carolina Shrewsbury
Biospeleology Session Sarah Keenan
SpeleoArt Workshop Carolina Shrewsbury
US Exploration Patricia Kambesis
Cave Diving Session Forrest Wilson
Human Sciences Session Bonnie Gottschalk
Spelean History Session Dean Snyder
Bob Hoke
Cave Poetry Carolina Shrewsbury
Cave Photography Session Bob Stucklen
Cave & Karst Management Rod Horrocks
International Exploration Cyndie Walck
Pat Kambesis
Vertical Techniques Workshop Kurt Waldron
Awards Committee Meeting Mike Backe
Cave Ballad Salon Roland Vinyard
Speleology for Cavers Steve Stokowski
Vertical Section Terry Mitchell
Writer’s Workshop Michael Taylor
Lightning Talks Jim Washington
Cave Conservancy Roundtable Jonathan Beard
NSS Cave Preserves Tom Griffin
Survey & Cartography Workshop Carol Vesely
Fine Arts Salon Carolina Shrewsbury
Carol Jackson
Photo Salon Patricia Seiser
Cartographic Salon Dwight Livingston
Cave/Karst Conservation Management on Public and Private Lands Val Hildreth-Werker (abstract submissions)
Rod Horrocks (Federal abstracts)